E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Solution

E-Commerce solutions enable your company do business on the Internet irrespective of your country. This includes the initial concept design, website design and hosting, website maintenance and customer relationship management.

You will be able to provide products and services for sale online, receive payments online, give customer support online and provide product information online to a worldwide audience.

Online Payment Systems: We configure web-based interfaces that allow you to receive payments online, from your customers. We currently support: PayPal, Google Checkout and 2Checkout.

Shopping Carts: This is a virtual store, where your customers browse through your products and makes choices among the wide range of products available. At the end of his/her buying, the total cost is calculated before he/she then proceeds to the payment page.

We offer two options:

  • Pay Now buttons: This is only ideal for a single product. There is no long chain of calculations or complexity. The buyer simply clicks on "Buy Now" beside a product of his choice, and he is taken to the payment page immediately; where he pays for the exact amount displayed.
  • Shopping Cart Interface: This is far more sophisticated and is really what can be regarded as a shopping cart. It calculates, summarizes and receives the total amount for all the products chosen. After a sale has been made, it automatically generates an invoice that is sent to the buyer's e-mail address and simultaneously sends a copy of the entire transaction to the merchant. Pricing depends on amount of work to be done.