Multimedia Presentation

A Multimedia Presentation is a great way to convey your business image. It is an "offline website" or stand alone Flash projector file that is contained on a CD. To access a presentation of this nature the user simply needs to insert the CD into a PC or laptop and does not need access to the Internet. The presentation can be created in Adobe Flash or HTML. CD presentations also make use of an Auto run feature, which automatically begins the presentation after the user has inserted the CD into a PC or Laptop.

Interactive flash presentations ensure an enhanced product presentation. Potential clients get a dynamic view of products and services offered. This is indirectly transformed into growing business. Regardless of your goals, we will deliver a high impact solution using state-of-the-art technology that effectively delivers your message.

We've developed a range of exciting multi media solutions including animated greeting cards, interactive product catalogue and corporate brochures. Whatever your business, we can use multi-media to give your brand, company or product presentation another dimension, making it more interesting, engaging and therefore more effective.

Utilizing text, video, audio, animation and graphics we will allow you to communicate to your audience professionally with maximum impact. Whether you want to create a business plan presentation, training tool, technical presentation, interactive catalog or entertainment piece we are ready to assist you.